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Starburst FaveReds

First post! I’m not good at intros, so let’s just jump right into the review.

I knew I wanted to blog about sweets, so on our most recent trip to Target I took a trip down the seasonal candy aisle. I’m methodical, so I walked to the very end of the aisle and grabbed the first bag of candy I saw that I would actually eat. (I’m also very picky.) It wasn’t the most appealing presentation as you can see…

This is a messy shelve.

I’m the kid who likes canned beef stew, so presentation really doesn’t matter to me. Home the Starbursts came!


I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first iteration of the FaveReds. A quick Google search reveals this is correct. But this bag is special! It’s got updated graphics with lots of hearts in the background, so you know it’s for Valentine’s Day.

Cherry, watermelon, and fruit punch. Missing the strawberry because I thought there were only three flavors!

Inside there are four flavors: strawberry (light pink), watermelon (slightly darker, more orange-y pink), cherry (red), and fruit punch (burgundy). I tasted one of each.


My favorite of the bunch. Tastes like a sugar-coated strawberry. Pretty standard candy flavor and a safe bet.


My second favorite. Standard sugary cherry, another safe bet.

Fruit Punch

Fruit punch can be hit or miss for me. Sometimes, there’s a surprise pineapple taste in there. This has that. Do not like.


I expected not to like this one, and I didn’t. I do like watermelon as a fruit, but it just doesn’t seem like it belongs in a candy. This watermelon flavoring would be better suited for gum. I would like bubble gum that tasted like this. I actually thought my bag was missing this flavor because the color difference between this and the strawberry is so slight. Thankfully the wrappers do list the flavors.


Overall, this isn’t bad. I’ll find someone to eat the two flavors I don’t like. I would’ve preferred a bag with just cherry and strawberry. It would make more sense since they seem like the most┬ápopular “fave-red” flavors. (I hope you saw what I did there.) I give this 3.5 out of 5





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